A Flying Example of a Navy/Marine Corps PV-2 Medium Attack Bomber

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                               Blue PV-2 Logo T-Shirt                           Gray PV-2 Wireframe T-Shirt
Blue Logo T-Shirt, FrontBlue Logo T-Shirt, Back
                    Front                                           Back                        Front                                       Back
The front shows the AMHF Logo and the back is emblazoned with the magnificent "Hotstuff" Nose Art.  50% Cotton / 50% Polyester.  Pre-Shrunk.  +$5 shipping This gunmetal gray T-Shirt sports the a smaller version of the PV-2 side-on
"wireframe" drawing on the front and a full-sized version of the top-down
"wireframe" on the back.  50% Cotton / 50% Polyester.  Pre-Shrunk.  +$5 shipping
                            Piston Bookends                             AMHF Hat
Limited Edition Bookends made from the radial engine pistons of the PV-2.  These are the original pistons from the PV-2 before the engine rebuild, fashioned into magnificent bookends, mounted on felt protected oak.  Truly a collector's item!  When these are gone....they're gone!
$50.00 each + $10 shipping.
One size fits all, adult golf cap.  PV-2 Harpoon and color image of the
plane stitched to the headband.  Color, Black  $15.00 + $5 shipping